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Celebrate Halloween with a Spooky Skeleton Watch

Happy Halloween, watch lovers! Continuing in our skeleton watch theme for the week, we bring you luxury watches for men and women from Stuhrling. The watch to the left is the Alpine Reaper, style 524.332DOB2, featureing a skull and crossbones prominently in the design. This watch with a  scalloped case of stainless steel and half-sphere crown with a rubber ring is now 64% off. On the right is style 422.332D51 with a stunning dragon design for 47% off the list price.


The women’s watches with skeleton dials include the Lady Delphi watches: style 458L.123569 (left) and style 458L.12151 (right). Retailing at 74% off the retail prices on TheWatchery.com, these watches are currently available at unbeatable prices.


Fall Watch Fashions from Stuhrling

The Watchery is hosting a special sale on luxury watches for men and women to celebrate the fall season. A relatively new luxury brand, Stuhrling was founded in 2002 and is popular for its skeleton watches and modern designs. We’ve chosen a few Stuhrling watches for men that are part of this special to showcase here. If you’re interested in seeing other watches in our fall sale, visit TheWatchery.com!

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Style no. 378L.01
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Style no. 172.33352
Sturling watches
Style no. 291.33352
discount luxury watches
Style no. 135B.33151

Smartwatch Ruled Not So Smart

men's watchesMany of us have since childhood harbored a secret desire to one day own a sci-fi-esque watch that boasts all kinds of tech capabilities, and tech powerhouse Sony last year attempted to answer the call with its Smartwatch.

The Smartwatch was intended as the amped up version of your average timepiece, offering many of the utilities of a smartphone. However, the reception was famously cold with reviews stating the concept was unimaginative and gimmicky, and that we’d all generally be much better off with a smartphone and conventional watch.

Undeterred by the bad reviews, Sony has now unveiled plans for the Smartwatch 2, a follow-up to last year’s model. Elsewhere, tech giants Google and Apple are also latching onto the idea with plans to release similar products in the works.

However, if you’re looking for a sleek, tech-chic watch but are happy to use your smartphone for Maps, calculators and other functions, then you’ll want to check out some of our brand name watches such as…

The Stuhrling 181CR.335971, which gives off a particularly hi-tech impression with its slick black and neon green color palette, as well as its striking dynamic face. It’s not often you’ll find luxury watches such as this discounted by a considerable 61% so get it now for just $377.99!