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Fresh Designs With Stuhrling Watches

Last week we discussed the refined and classy design of Ebel watches. To keep things interesting this week I want to talk about the somewhat funky and flashy new Stuhrling women’s watches available on The Watchery. These watches are gorgeous and excitingly inventive. The flashy design heavy style is hyper modern, not the norm for most high end watch companies.

Within the face of many of these watches are hearts. Two of my favorite models allow you to see the gears within the heart. On other’s the heart is incorporated into fun a flashy designs. The watches are ideal for any young girl between the ages of twelve and twenty and will likely go over well with any adult friends and family who still have a youthful spark and fashion sense. These watches will appeal to folks looking for something classier than a Swatch watch but more fun than a Cartier watch.

The color choices range from a great black and silvery white combo to a brash lime green hew. Anyone with a sense of style would be thrilled to just admire one of these beautiful time pieces. Anyone who is interested in a watch that is off the beaten path is going to be sure to love these Stuhrling Watches.