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Luxury Watches for Car Enthusiasts

If you love luxury watches and you love cars, The Watchery has just what you need. The Holiday Gift Shop is highlighting luxury watches for men and women in the Car Enthusiasts’ Shop.

From Perrelet’s Turbine series for men, The Watchery has the A1064-4 (left) with a unique built-in rotor mechanism to give the dial a twirling movement. This luxury timepiece is currently 50% off with the sale! Tissot, the official watch and timekeeper for NASCAR, brings advanced functionality to watchmaking. The Tissot T96142852 (center ) from the T-Navigator series has two alarms and a countdown timer function for just $457.50. Of course, when you think of cars, you think of Ferrari. The Ferrari FE10ACCCGBK for men (right)  is currently available from The Watchery at 74% off the list price.

perrelet watches    tissot watches    ferrari watches

A simple, stylish watch from Citizen for women is the EW1270-06A (left) with a stainless steel case and leather strap, now only $92.99 from The Watchery. If you’re looking for something bigger and bolder, take a look at the TW Steel CE3004 (center) from the CEO Goliath series. TW Steel is known for its sponsorship of a number of F1 teams over the years. From Tag Heuer’s Formula 1 series comes the WAH1313.BA0868 (right) for one-third of the original price.

citizen watches    tw steel watches    tag heuer watches

For more watches for car enthusiasts, visit The Watchery’s Holiday Gift Shop. You’ll also find more high end watches for all the jet setters, golfers, diamond lovers, and everyone else in your lift. Happy shopping!


Don’t Forget to Reset Your Watches this Weekend!



This weekend marks the end of daylight saving time for 2013. The U.S. is going back to Standard Time on Sunday November 3rd at 2 a.m. That means an extra hour of sleep!

The history of changing your clocks started in Germany during World War I to conserve fuel and it was adopted in the U.S. a few years later. After the war it was abolished due to unpopularity, with individual states given the option of changing to DST. Today, only Hawaii and Arizona don’t “fall back” and “spring forward.”

So before you go to sleep Saturday night, don’t forget to set back your mechanical clocks and watches!

Celebrate Halloween with a Spooky Skeleton Watch

Happy Halloween, watch lovers! Continuing in our skeleton watch theme for the week, we bring you luxury watches for men and women from Stuhrling. The watch to the left is the Alpine Reaper, style 524.332DOB2, featureing a skull and crossbones prominently in the design. This watch with a  scalloped case of stainless steel and half-sphere crown with a rubber ring is now 64% off. On the right is style 422.332D51 with a stunning dragon design for 47% off the list price.


The women’s watches with skeleton dials include the Lady Delphi watches: style 458L.123569 (left) and style 458L.12151 (right). Retailing at 74% off the retail prices on TheWatchery.com, these watches are currently available at unbeatable prices.


The Timelessness of Bedat & Co. Watches

Bedat & Co. makes classic, feminine timepieces for women. The brand’s founder, Simone Bedat, prides herself in being one of the few women to have founded a luxury Swiss watch brand at the time. The luxury watches are recognizable by the number 8 standing out from the others, which are marked by Roman numerals, diamond indices or other markers. This unique feature, also the symbol for infinity, is representative of the timeless quality of Bedat & Co. watches.

Style no. 710.SER-STE
luxury watches
Style no. B316-011-109-B
Style no. B827-010-600-S
luxury watches
Style no. B827-041-600-B

TechnoMarine Watches for Divers

Watches from TechnoMarine are inspired by the seaside city of St. Tropez, with fluidity and movement of the water at the heart of the brand’s products. TechnoMarine watches are perfect for anyone who likes an adventure. The brand focuses on four areas: beach, boating, diving and city – weaving the four together to fit the lifestyle of an urban adventure seeker. This sense of fun is reflected in the watches bold, exciting colors and user-friendly features. The watches featured here from The Watchery are part of the Cruise collection for men and women, and are water resistant up to 200 meters!

Style no. 110070
The Watchery
Style no. 110001
Style no. 110007
The Watchery
Style no. 110071

Watches for Men and Women by Adidas

Adidas is one of the world’s favorite athletic apparel companies. Based in Germany, the company produces footwear, bags, shirts, watches for men and woman, eyes wear, and other sports and clothing related goods. Being the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world, their products are in high demand and receive great reception by the public.

Adidas watched encompass a sporty but also sophisticated feel. Take a look at some of these favorite styles, all available online through The Watchery.

watches for men
Style: ADH2114
Style: ADH6507
watches for women
Ref. ADH2536
watches for men
Style: ADH2575


Aviator Watches from Glycine

designer watches

A staple in Swiss watches, Glycine will be celebrating its 100th birthday next year! The watchmaker, founded by Eugene Meylan in 1914 in Bienne Switzerland, has gone through many trials to get to where it is today. The company started out with a boom due to Meylan’s emphasis on craftsmanship and quality. However, the depression in the 1930’s and World War II struck the company hard. It was able to persevere, even showing at the 1938 Basel Fair, which Glycine has participated in ever since. Their real success came in the 1950s with the Airman model for pilots.

The watch featured here is from the Airman 7 Plaza Mayor series, no. 3861-161. Like their other timepieces for pilots, this one has a 24-hour dial as well as a world time feature that allows you to see multiple time zones. Although this luxury watch is one of the classics in Glycine’s collection, it features completely updated technologies, including Swiss-made automatic movement. You’ll find this aviator watch at The Watchery for a discounted price of $2,327.50. That’s 71% off the listed price!

Visit TheWatchery.com for more luxury watches from Glycine. Other models from this brand are Incursore, Combat and Lagunare series.


Back to the Future with Welder Watches

Welder is a brand of watches all on its own. While most companies rely on past traditions for their watch designs, Welder is looking to the future: the year 2075, to be exact.

discount luxury watches

The story of the creation of the Welder is not unlike other watch brands that you’ve probably heard. The idea came from Italo Fontona, born in Lucca, Italy in 1965. With a family involved in the fashion business, he had an eye for design from a young age. After working in the family business, he worked on accessories, then contemporary furniture, before finally starting his own watch brand. Despite the growth of the company, Fontana is still involved in watch design and overseeing every detail of the process.

Welder’s no. K298005 definitely stands out with its futuristic design. It has a brown camouflage strap and dial, and an ion plated steel case. Like other Welder watches, this one’s three dimensional feature of the dials is meant to represent a link between future and present. Welder watches seek to bring people together over space and time, or welding them, I suppose you could say.

This men’s watch is available from The Watchery for $594.99, which is 51% off the original price. If you like fashion-forward watches for men, this is the brand for you!

Go Global With Gucci Watches

luxury watches for men

Gucci is one of the most recognized (and copied) brands all over the world. Now an international superpower in luxury clothing and accessories, Gucci had its humble origins in Florence in 1921. Its founder, Guccio Gucci, had worked at luxury hotels in Paris and London where he noticed the exquisite craftsmanship of the luggage belonging to the hotels’ wealthy guests. With this idea in mind, he went back to his hometown, Florence, where there were plenty of skilled workers to realize his vision. With three of his sons, Gucci expanded his business with stores in Milan and Roman. In 1953, an office in New York City was opened.

Even all these years later, the Gucci is brand is known for its high quality products, from clothing to bags to watches. This week, The Watchery has a special deal on one of our Gucci watches for men. Gucci’s YA101341 has a stainless steel case and bracelet, and Swiss quartz movement. Right now you’ll find it for just $939.00 on our website, down 49% from a list price of $1,850!

For more amazing deals on brand name watches for men and women from world-renowned brands like Gucci, be sure to check out our collection at TheWatchery.com as well as our special weekly deals.