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Limited Time Sale on Baume & Mercier Watches

Currently on sale at The Watchery are high end watches from Baume & Mercier, a staple in Swiss watchmaking since 1830. In the first row is the MOA08833 and the MOA08688, luxury watches for men. The next two, the A10077 and the A10071, are women’s watches on sale from Baume & Mercier. To learn more about each watch, just click on the image to go to its page on The Watchery. Visit TheWatchery.com to see more limited time offers on expensive watches.



Bedat & Co. Women’s Watches

Bedat & Co. is a quality manufacturer of sophisticated women’s luxury watches. The company was founded by Madame Simon Bedat, who started the company with a strong desire to pay tribute to women by designing watches for their busy lifestyle. Bedat established the company in her native Switzerland. Today the company had grown a great deal and has over 166 strong points of sales presence in countries including the US, Europe, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Bedat & Co. design features very intricate and sophisticated styles, and simplistic color schemes. These beautiful timepieces are extravagant enough to wear with your nicest outfit, but simplistic enough to wear with anything. Below are some of my favorite designs by the company. Click on any of the photos of these luxury watches to be brought to the product page where you can learn more!

Bedat & Co. Women's Watches
Style: B831-011-100-B
Bedat & Co. Women's Watches
Style: B830-021-100-B
Bedat & Co. Women's Watches
Style: B830-011-101-B


Bedat & Co. Women's Watches
Style: B828-021-600-B