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Amazingly Affordable Diamond Watches

Elini Barokas Diamond WatchDiamonds have been synonymous with elegance and success ever since De Beers put them together with celebrities and royalty. Indeed, if you asked any random person what slogan goes with diamonds an amazing number would tell you “a diamond is forever” with no hesitation. Getting our hands on quality diamonds, however, is still generally out of the budget and only reserved for incredibly important moments in our lives. As usual at The Watchery, we aim to make shopping for luxury watches a more pleasant experience and have some amazing deals on offer if you are searching for the perfect diamond watch.

Take for example this beautiful Elini Barokas Diamond Blue Sand Stone Dial Women’s watch. With rose gold luminous watch hands, diamond inserts for the bezel, and Swiss made quartz movement this watch is both a stunning and quality time piece. What’s most amazing, however, is the price we have going for our current sale. Normally this watch is well outside what the wallet will allow, but when the discount is at a jaw-dropping 87% off the list price, it is time to take a second look.

No matter the type of watch you may be in the market for, or even just gift shopping and not sure what you want, make sure you browse our wide selection of men’s and women’s watches to find one that is perfect for you at a price you won’t believe.

Stunning Luxury Watches from Heritage Brands

women's watchesIn the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about so-called ‘heritage brands’ within the luxury sector. These are brands which are decades, if not centuries, old, with years of experience in providing customers with quality products.

One such brand which has succeeded in keeping itself relevant, by embracing digital media, is Burberry. Founded in Basingstoke, England in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the luxury fashion house first became a household name for its trench-coat designed for WWI soldiers. Following the war, civilians adopted the garment as a means of protecting themselves against inclement weather. In recent years, Burberry has used digital media to its advantage, mesmerizing its customers with a 3D advertising campaign and staying relevant by employing film stars and music icons to appear in their advertising images.

Keen to get your hands on your own little piece of this globally renowned brand? This luxury watch is the perfect place to start. The BU1207-SD from Burberry fuses this brand’s tradition of quality craftsmanship with its contemporary design. Featuring a black genuine leather strap adorned in reptile print, as well as Swiss-made automatic quartz movement, this is a watch that bespeaks elegance and quality. Reduced by 54% from its recommended retailing price, don’t miss out on this women’s watch on sale for just $318.50!

Significant Discounts on ‘Classy Styles’

luxury watchesLike beauty, class is a rather flexible term, with opinions on what can be termed ‘classy’ varying wildly. With that said, it would be difficult to convincingly deem any one of the luxury watches currently listed in our ‘Classy Styles’ sale as lacking refinement.

For a limited time only, customers can secure incredible discounts of up to 88% off some of our most elegant styles. We’ve gathered together a few of our personal favorites in the list below:

Jorg Gray JG1060-23: This minimal style from our men’s watches collection is currently on sale for just $88.50, reduced from $139. With a strap crafted from genuine black leather and a clock face accented by silver tone indices and Arabic numerals, this is a timepiece that will never depreciate in terms of class.

Versus AL16SBQ701-A070: A striking ode to gold, this gold tone women’s watch (pictured) from the Versus Labyrinth collection features a geometric structure and the added incomparable elegance of gold. Available for just $77.79, it is reduced from an original retailing price of $95.99.

Raymond Weil 4888-STC-20001: This timepiece strikes the optimal balance between class and contemporary; mixing a classic black alligator strap with a dual clock face. Reduced from a recommended list price of $3,250, this item is now on sale for $1,079.

Watch Terminology 101: Part 2

women's watchesContinuing on from our first installment which went some way in demystifying the language involved in watch-shopping, we thought we’d add a few more terms to our guide to watch terminology. Read on, and appear every inch the watch expert on your next shopping trip:

Bezel: This term is used to refer to that part of the watch to which gemstones are attached. For example, in the Glam Rock women’s watch to the right, the bezel is that circular part surrounding the watch face which features 48 white diamonds. Rotating bezels are also available; these are bezels which can be turned and which perform different timekeeping and mathematical functions.

Bracelet: This seem self-explanatory, but the term ‘bracelet’, in horology, is used to refer specifically to a metal watch band constructed of elements which resemble links.

Chronograph: A chronograph is a complicated watch which has separate functions and dials, usually for timing. Many of the luxury watches we stock here at The Watchery are chronographs. The first chronograph watches were designed for pilots and aviators in order to make complicated calculations.

Crown: A round metal cap which is used to wind and set a watch’s time and calendar.

Isochronism: This means the watch in question runs at the same rate whether the watch is fully wound, or only partially wound.