Technology Will Never Replace a Concord Watch

IWCMy generation seems to forgotten just how wonderful it is to wear a watch. Instead, they look to their cellphones or iPads for the time. If only they would realize that watches are much more than timepieces. They are accessories just like that belt you’re wearing or the rings on your fingers. And let’s not forget that sometimes, technology breaks. On that day, I’ll certainly have the last laugh because I can look to my watch for the time and you’ll look to a barren wrist.

As my generation creeps up to the age of 30, many of realized just how fashionable a Concord watch can really be. They are into their “hipster” look, searching for cool vintage clothes and accessories. The watch companies have heard their cries and we are seeing an increase in watches that look vintage, like something your grandfather may have owned. There is also a surge in watches that show the inner workings and mechanics, a partial ode to steampunk.

Before you consider purchasing another bracelet, try adorning that wrist with a IWC watch from The Watchery instead. It’ll be a welcome change to your wardrobe.

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