The International Watch Company?

The motto of the IWC or International Watch Company is Probus Scafusia. This translates to “good, solid craftsmanship from Schaffhausen.” It is an apt motto for a company that has been making excellent watches for well over a hundred years. The focus of the watches were to combine the focused craftsmanship of the Swiss with modern engineering and technological breakthroughs coming from the United States. This combination proved to be an excellent one and meant that the folks at IWC truly earned their nominal “International” stamp.

The watch company became so influential in Switzerland that the family who owned and operated the company was let into the upper echelon o f Swiss society. This even lead to a familial connection with no less a revolutionary thinker than psychologist Dr. Carl Jung.

In the end though the IWC is about the watches and rarely have finer been made. Rarely too has a record of quality been so well established. In many ways naming your company something as monolithic as the International Watch Company might seem too obvious but this company has carried that title to a certain ubiquity that befits it. The company has such a sense of history that they claim to have parts capable of repairing every watch they have ever produced to this day.

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