Watch Terminology 101: Part 2

women's watchesContinuing on from our first installment which went some way in demystifying the language involved in watch-shopping, we thought we’d add a few more terms to our guide to watch terminology. Read on, and appear every inch the watch expert on your next shopping trip:

Bezel: This term is used to refer to that part of the watch to which gemstones are attached. For example, in the Glam Rock women’s watch to the right, the bezel is that circular part surrounding the watch face which features 48 white diamonds. Rotating bezels are also available; these are bezels which can be turned and which perform different timekeeping and mathematical functions.

Bracelet: This seem self-explanatory, but the term ‘bracelet’, in horology, is used to refer specifically to a metal watch band constructed of elements which resemble links.

Chronograph: A chronograph is a complicated watch which has separate functions and dials, usually for timing. Many of the luxury watches we stock here at The Watchery are chronographs. The first chronograph watches were designed for pilots and aviators in order to make complicated calculations.

Crown: A round metal cap which is used to wind and set a watch’s time and calendar.

Isochronism: This means the watch in question runs at the same rate whether the watch is fully wound, or only partially wound.

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