Who Makes Your Watches? The Answer May Surprise You

concordOne of the most impressive parts about shopping for watches through The Watchery is their impressive number of brand name companies. This list includes, but is not limited to, Breitling, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Ebel, Concord, JeanRichard, Parmigiani, Baume and Mercier, IWC, and Raymond Weil. The full list of brand names being offered at The Watchery is much larger and more extensive, and is available for viewing on their official website.

The full list is very impressive, and we have zero intention of taking away from that. If you have got a specific watch in mind, The Watchery is your best place to find it, especially with their quick find and advanced searching options.

However, sometimes these brand names aren’t all that different… or at the very least, their origins aren’t.

Did you know that it is actually the Movado Watch company that designs, manufactures, and distributes Ebel watches, as well as Concord, ESQ, Coach, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Juicy Couture ad Tommy Hilfiger? That’s right, all those brand name watches are designed and distributed from the same placr.

By no means should you compare a Concord timepiece to the $5 Juicy Couture watch impulse-buy for your youngest niece at the counter on Gap Kids. But who designs a great number of these watches is an intriguing thing to notice.

And it certainly makes their slogan more noteworthy, doesn’t it?

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